Doula Services:

Birth Doula Services include:

I will empower and guide you in welcoming your baby into this world by…

  • Igniting confidence and power
  • Helping you find your own voice
  • Teaching breathing, relaxation, concentration, different laboring positions, and coping techniques
  • Working with your partner in order to make the birthing experience that much more special
  • Advocating for you and providing you with the information you need
  • Preparing you for labor and the postpartum period during prenatal visits, postpartum visits, and continuous phone/email support

 Postpartum Doula Services include:

 Newborn Care, Support & Guidance:

  • Assisting with infant care, diapering, feeding, and bathing
  • Providing the best remedies to soothe and calm a fussy baby
  • Learning to recognize your baby’s cues
  • Demonstrating the best techniques for baby massages
  • Caring for multiples & unique situations

Support for Moms:

  • Helping with infant care so you can focus on self-care and find balance
  • Lactation support to ensure an optimal breastfeeding experience
  • Nurturing and supporting you on an emotional and physical level
  • Performing basic household tidying, laundry, and light meal preparation

Doula Packages:

Birth Doula: Labor Support Package includes: 2 prenatal sessions (one over Zoom and one in-person), unlimited phone/email contact, 24/7 on-call support from the 37th week until the birthday, continuous support through the labor and birth until baby and mom are comfortable, and unlimited postpartum call sessions to offer further guidance and support as needed 

Postpartum Doula: Postpartum Support is offered on an hourly basis, with a 20-hour minimum. A contract will be drawn up with a tentative schedule of support. A prenatal visit will be scheduled around 35 weeks, to help prepare you for the new baby and getting off to a good start breastfeeding.

Please contact me to inquire about prices. 


Childbirth Classes:

I tailor classes to fit everyone. I offer three different classes to fit any couple’s schedule:

Comprehensive Express Class:

Five Hours

We cover…

  • Partner Communication
  • Birth Wishes
  • How the Uterus Works During Labor
  • Labor Process
  • The Three Stages of Labor
  • Non-Medical Pain Relief and Comfort Measures
  • Getting Your Body Ready for Labor
  • Positions for Labor and Birth
  • Intervention
  • The Welcoming Day


Golden Days: The Newborn Care Class:

Two Hours

We cover…

  • Preparation
  • Your Newborn’s Appearance
  • Procedures After the Delivery
  • Feeding, Positioning, and Latching
  • Hospital Events
  • Jaundice
  • Pooping and Peeing
  • Bathing
  • Swaddling
  • Concerning/Signs and Symptoms
  • Understanding Your Baby’s Signs
  • Sleeping
  • Rashes
  • Infant Massage


Holistic Heart Class:

Seven Hours

We cover the information in both the Comprehensive Express Class and the Golden Days class in more depth.


Please contact me to inquire about prices. Times and locations are flexible based on your needs.

Private or group classes are available.

Yoga in Motion: Prenatal Yoga Classes

Prenatal yoga offers you a profound sense of tranquility and comfort during your pregnancy. It lets you connect with your baby and prepares you for a peaceful and natural birth, develops trust and confidence, and help you become accustomed to your ever-changing body and emotions.

Yoga does not have to interrupt your life and consume a lot of time. Even if you have ten minutes to stretch and breathe before going to bed, it can be very beneficial to both you and your baby.

As you get closer and closer to your due date, practicing poses can create better mobility around the tailbone and groin area. These yoga movements can also help your baby’s head to engage. While you’re in labor, moving freely and sitting upright can reduce pain and help you be more in control. Your contractions become more effective, the blood supply to the baby is improved, and the downward force of gravity leads to a shorter and easier birth.

Every birth is different, but if you go through labor with a peaceful mind and an inner balance, you will be more able to navigate through whatever occurs during your labor.

Please contact me to inquire about prices. Times and locations are flexible based on your needs.

Private or group classes are available.

Anytime, Anywhere: Hoboken Doulas Remote Support:

With virtual support, new parents can still receive personalized guidance and education on all aspects of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care, without leaving their homes, or no matter where they live. I offer all my services through Zoom, including virtual birth and postpartum doula services, virtual childbirth classes, and virtual prenatal yoga classes. Hoboken Doulas will work with you to tailor your needs.

Please contact me for more information. 

Gift Certificates:

The gift of postpartum doula services is one whose value will long outlast any material item you could give a new mom.  Gift certificates are a way for grandparents, sisters, aunts, co-workers, and friends to provide physical and emotional support for the new mom when they cannot be there themselves.

Gift certificates for 4 hours of postpartum care ($180) include a FREE in-home prenatal consultation.


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