The Rebozo Technique

I am a certified Rebozo Technician with Novice Rebozo. A Rebozo is a long, woven piece of fabric that is used as a way to help manage pain during labor. It originated in Southern and Central Mexico hundreds of years ago as a garment used to both keep warm and protect from the sun as well as to hold babies. Mexican midwives use it to relieve pain and help the baby get into the optimal fetal position. The Rebozo technique has just recently seen a surge of popularity for mothers around the world.

Rebozo is typically used on the mothers’ hips to help move and massage them while she is either standing, lying down, or on her hands and knees. It helps relax the pelvic muscles so that the baby is able to go into the ideal position for labor and birth. This muscle relaxation also helps relieve pain and pressure. In addition, the pleasant stimulation mothers get from the rebozzo massages distracts them from painful contractions. Its also important to note that the feelings of synergy and support that the mother gets from her team participating in rebozo along with her releases oxytocin (aka the love hormone) to help stimulate contractions and labor. I have found that Rebozo is effective when helping mothers relax and comforting them during labor.