Prenatal Yoga: Yoga in Motion

Prenatal yoga offers you a profound sense of tranquility and comfort during your pregnancy. It lets you connect with your baby and prepares you for a peaceful and natural birth, develop trust and confidence, and help you become accustomed to your ever-changing body and emotions.

Yoga does not have to interrupt your life and consume a lot of time. Even if you have ten minutes to stretch and breathe before going to bed, it can be very beneficial to both you and your baby.

As you get closer and closer to your due date, practicing poses can create better mobility around the tailbone and groin area. These yoga movements can also help your baby’s head to engage. While you’re in labor, moving freely and sitting upright can reduce pain and help you be more in control. Your contractions become more effective, the blood supply to the baby is improved, and the downward force of gravity leads to a shorter and easier birth.

Every birth is different, but if you go through labor with a peaceful mind and an inner balance, you will be more able to navigate through whatever occurs during your labor.

Please contact me for prices. Times and locations are flexible based on your needs.

Private or group classes are available.