Peanut and Birth Balls

Peanut Balls and Birth Balls are used during pregnancy, during labor, and after birth. They are two of my favorite methods to help shorten and make labor more comfortable.

A peanut ball is simply a ball shaped like a peanut! It’s shape provides stability and keeps the pelvis open and mobile. The most common position to have a peanut ball is between the laboring moms’s legs. This helps widen the pelvic outlet and encourages the rotation and decent of the baby. In a study by Banner Health, it found that women that used a peanut ball had a shorter first stage of labor by an average 90 minutes, and a shorter second stage of labor by 23 minutes. It also decreased the chance of vacuum and forceps delivery. In addition, the c-section rate decreased 13%.

Birth balls, on the other hand, are essentially normal fitness or physical therapy balls. There are many different positions involving birth balls that help with a variety of different labor needs. Birth balls help center the mother’s gravity and helps activate different muscle groups as she balances herself while sitting on it. Meanwhile, using the ball while on hands and knees helps rotate the baby into an optimal position. Furthermore, leaning on the ball causes gravity to help the baby descend. Birth balls also help with massages and double-hip squeezes and can reduce anterior lips or swollen cervices.