Doulas Work with Dads

Many people fear that doulas decrease the role of the father or partner during labor. This is simply not true. It is the doulas job to give support to both the mom and the partner. A doula provides the couple with information, suggestions, coping strategies, and insight during this special time in their lives. Doulas and partners work together to fully support and encourage the mother. Doulas do not come in between the unique bond that a mother and her partner has during the labor process.

As your doula, it is important for me to make sure that partners have an enjoyable birth experience as well as the mother. I am not there to take the fathers place, but to help the couple with their physical and emotional needs. I think it is a necessity that the partner is also involved with the birth as they understand the mother’s needs and wants in a way I cannot.

Sometimes partners are hesitant when it comes to helping with the birth process. They want to get involved and help, but they feel as if they aren’t confident or comfortable enough to properly do it. As a doula, my job is to help fathers feel self-assured in the knowledge they have and aid them in some of the most precious moments they will experience.